Sell Scrap Gold

Holding on to broken jewellery and scrap gold is a thing of the past, now you can trade it in for cash and get rid of your unwanted gold jewellery collection! Most people don’t realise that because Gold is melted down when it is purchased, the value of it is based on its purity, not its condition. This means that even if your Gold Jewellery is broken it is still of very high value and worth trading in to a Gold Buyer.

Types of scrap and broken Gold Jewellery can include tangled chains, odd earrings , gold without its clasps, broken gold bangles or scrap Gold. Whichever type of Gold jewel it is, is has value and should be traded in rather than stored away!

Here are some benefits to selling your scrap gold and broken jewellery:

People tend to hold on to unwanted Scrap Gold and broken Gold Jewellery as they are unsure of what to do with it once it is broken or scratched. There is no need to hold onto old Gold Jewellery when you can sell it for cash. Gold Buyers purchase old, scratched, broken and marked jewellery and happily take it off your hands, meaning that you don’t need to hold onto it with no purpose any longer.

Updating Your Jewellery Collection: Have you been looking to update your jewellery collection but waiting for the right time to do it? Trading in your old, unwanted Gold Jewellery allows you the space and finances to update your jewels.

Financial Gain: Selling your scrap gold and broken jewellery gives you cash on the spot instantly.

If you have old Gold Jewellery buried at home not being used, get into contact with Sell Gold Sydney and help us turn it into cash for you today.