Sell Gold

Ever thought about trading in your unwanted gold items? Most people think that this growing trend is just for the jewellery owners, however there are a lot of other forms of gold that can be traded in for cash.


Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets can vary in size from tiny flecks of gold, up to large pure nuggets. These are often given as gifts or handed down through generations and people hold onto them, unsure of what to do with them. You can trade your Gold Nuggets in for cash on the spot. When you visit a Gold Buyer they will test and value your Gold Nugget for you on the spot, letting you know its current market value, and allowing you to trade it in for cash.


Gold Coins

Gold Coins contain precious forms of Gold that are high in value and are often bought to be melted down and reused in other forms. Gold coins are on the higher quality spectrum, with some being up to and over 90% pure. Selling your gold coins is a great way to trade in unwanted inherited items, and pay very well when sold to a Gold Buyer.


Scrap Gold

Scrap Gold is melted down when it is purchased, meaning that the condition of the gold will not affect its value. Gold is valued based on its purity, not its condition; meaning that you can receive the highest value for your unwanted scrap gold too. Whether your unwanted gold is scratched or broken will not affect the price that you receive for it.

If you’ve been considering selling Gold Nuggets, Gold Coins or Scrap Gold, the time is now! Sell Gold Sydney buys all of the above types of Gold for the highest price in cash guaranteed.