Sell Gold Sydney

At Sell Gold Sydney we pride ourselves on being the highest paying Gold Dealer in Sydney. Our friendly, family run team work around the clock to ensure that you receive the best price on your unwanted gold jewellery in the most stress-free, confidential manner.

Using the latest XRF metal analyser, our team of gold valuers work one-on-one with you to value your gold jewels based on current market value. By working directly with you, our team reduce any wasted time of getting valuations from third party valuers to ensure that your gold is sold in the quickest and most lucrative way for you. Whether you have unwanted gold jewels, broken jewellery, coins, bars, bullions or anything in between – we will buy it from you! Our specialized team of gold buyers will buy any gold pieces, no mater how big or small.

We are committed to ensuring the best price for you always, and could pay up to 101% of the market value on your gold. Get in touch with our friendly team today and organise an appointment for the highest price paid on your gold, guaranteed.

Our small team mean that we can work closely with our clients through every step of the process. We are just one phone call away and are always happy to assist you with any pre-sale or post-sale support.

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Sydney’s Highest Paying Gold Buyer

Our experienced team of Gold Valuers have decades of experience in the gold buying industry, priding ourselves on our attention to detail and customer relationships, ensuring that our clients get the best possible price on their gold. Our seamless buying process means that once you come see us, we will talk you through your valuation and you will receive cash on the spot, minimizing any unnecessary paperwork or back-and-forth to sell your gold.
A member of our team is always available to take your call and assist you with any queries you have about selling your gold, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they are happy and feel comfortable every step of the way!

Get in touch with us today on 02 9235 0129.


The Benefits of Selling Gold

Broken jewels? Unwanted gifts? Passed down estate jewellery? Updating your jewels? Financial gain? There are so many people selling their gold, the reasons are endless! Whatever the reason may be, there has never been a better, simpler and more comfortable way to sell your gold.

Here are the key benefits of selling gold

It’s simple and hassle-free: selling your unwanted gold jewellery has never been easier than it is now! You can have your gold traded in and have cash on the spot in under a day. It is an easy as making a call to our office, booking an appointment with one of our gold valuers and coming to see us in our CBD office, we will assist you to ensure the entire process is seamless and simple for you.

Selling unwanted gold jewellery is practical: How many times have we opened up an old jewellery box only to look at dozens of broken chains, old bangles and unwanted rings, only to close it again due to not being sure of what to do with them? Being able to get cash for your old jewels is one of the key benefits of selling gold. Whether it is to relieve financial pressure, help get ahead or simply to update your existing jewellery collection – if the thought has crossed your mind then it’s time to sell!

The Gold industry is lucrative: What better a time to sell your unwanted gold then now. The Gold Industry is one of the most valuable industries, and gold has always been steadily rising in price. Don’t miss your chance on getting value on your gold!

At Sell Gold Sydney, we pride ourselves on being the highest paying gold buyer in Sydney. Our friendly team will work with you and outline the amount we will pay for your gold before you have sold it and ensure that you understand the value. We remove any unnecessary middleman and want to get the highest price for you!